Tobago Scarborough – Port Mall

Tobago Scarborough – Port Mall

Scarborough is a city and the capital of the Island of Tobago as well as the eleventh-most-populous in Trinidad and Tobago. Scarborough became the capital of Tobago in 1769. Situated in western Tobago, Scarborough is the economic and cultural centre of the island of Tobago. The estimated population in 2011 was 17,537. Scarborough is ranked as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most densely populated towns alongside Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas and Arima. The city’s skyline is dominated by Fort King George, an 18th-century fortification named after King George III, which now hosts a historic and archaeologic museum. Scarborough’s deepwater harbour was built in 1991; before that ships were forced to anchor offshore.

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