Queen's Park Savannah

Queen’s Park Savannah South, Trinidad and Tobago

The Queen’s Park Savannah is Port of Spain’s largest open recreational space located in Trinidad and Tobago. Covered with low grass, the 3. 5 km (2 miles) perimeter of the Savannah, as it is called by locals, is lined with large beautiful samaan and poui trees. Originally part of the St. Ann’s Sugar Estate, the Savannah, now owned by the state, is Port of Spain’s main outdoor recreational park. On weekends and week day afternoons, the Savannah comes to life and is the destination for sports enthusiasts, health fanatics, joggers, family picnics, strolling couples and persons seeking to indulge in the sumptuous local street food served by vendors. The Savannah is surrounded by many interesting attractions. If you are interested in nature, the Savannah’s north side features the Hollows, the Botanic Gardens and the Emperor Valley Zoo. Looking for a cultural experience? Then head to the Southern side to visit the National Museum, the National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA), and the Grand Stand which is used to host various concerts and cultural events, including our world renowned Carnival. Much of Port of Spain’s architectural heritage is preserved along the western edge of the Savannah, where the Magnificent Seven, a group of early 20th century buildings are located. These include the Queen’s Royal College; the residences of the Anglican bishop (Hayes Court) and the Roman Catholic archbishop, Mille Fleurs, Roomor Whitehall (once the office of the prime minister) and the majestic Stollmeyer’s Castle ostensibly modelled on the Scottish Balmoral Castle.

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